Client Profiles

Product #1:  Pursue Musical Aspirations / Have a Rockstar Experience

Client Profile:  Retired and looking for a new adventure
People who were devoted to their careers and never had the time to pursue their musical aspirations until now.

Example:  Stephen
At r2 Big Music, our goal is to give our clients a “rockstar” experience. We want to give everybody the chance to have their “15 minutes of fame.” Whether you come to us with little, or even no musical experience, we can put you on the fast track to help you learn how to play your favorites songs, produce an album featuring you, and perform in a live concert. All you have to do is tell us what your musical aspirations are and we will create personalized milestones to help you realize your goals, and ultimately, your dream. You bring your passion and learn your parts – we’ll do the rest!

One of our clients, Stephen, is a retired executive. Because he was a superstar in the corporate world, much of his time was spent at the office, leaving him little opportunity to pursue his musical aspirations. By interviewing Stephen, we fleshed out what his interests were and then created some milestones. These objectives gave him an outline of what he needed to do while also giving us (r2 Big Music) a sense of how we could help him manage and reach these goals.

Stephen’s first milestone included playing drums and singing three of his favorite songs in a professional studio. To help him complete this deliverable, r2 Big Music provided weekly drum lessons, booked the recording studio, hired world-class musicians, and scheduled lessons with a vocal coach to prepare him vocally. We did it! We finished his 3-song CD, designed the CD cover and CD label artwork, and then distributed his songs on iTunes and Amazon.

Studio Session for Stephen’s CD

Live Concert featuring Stephen

The second milestone on Stephen’s list was to perform a 45-minute CD Release Party at Club Fox in Redwood City. R2 Big Music hired and scheduled the musicians, booked the venue, and promoted the concert. Stephen’s family and friends came from all over the country to watch him perform songs from his debut CD. The evening was a complete success!

To see how Stephen’s “rockstar” experience is progressing, you can go to his website at:

Product #2: Calling Card / Artistic Portfolio for College Applications

Client Profile: Highschool students
Students who want to have something that will put themselves above other applicants when applying to colleges.

Example: Raphaella
As many young students and parents know, applying to colleges is very competitive in today’s market. However, they can set themselves apart from the rest of the applicants by including a project or work of art with their admission submission to create a more robust application package. At r2BigMusic, we can help students showcase their musicianship and creative expression by guiding the student through the process of creating a CD, featuring their musical talent.

For example, 15-year old Rapahella is one of our clients who studied violin and drums during her pre-teen years. At 13, she auditioned on both violin and drums for the Oakland School of the Arts (a charter school that emphasizes art studies) and was accepted. Raphaella is in her Sophmore year in highschool and is starting to prepare an admission package.

Raphaella is not only a multi-instrumentalist, but also a singer and a songwriter. Currently, she has six songs that are in various stages of completion. R2BigMusic is working with Raphaella to develop her lyrics and musical ideas into songs. After pre-production has been completed, r2BigMusic will hand pick professional musicians who are a natural fit for the genre of music and who will also work well with Raphaella and her vision.

Raphaella performing with Girls Got The Blues!

After the recording is finished, it’s time to create the artwork/cover design for the CD cover. Normally, r2BigMusic will work with the client to come up with a CD design. However, because Raphaella’s mom is an artist, her mom will be completing the CD artwork and design.

Once the CD cover is completed, CDs will be ordered. While the CD is being pressed, r2BigMusic will complete the process of copyrighting Raphaella’s songs and also procuring any copyright licenses for songs she did not write. R2BigMusic will also handle distribution to allow anyone in the world to buy her CD online through iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby.

Product #3:  Private Lessons

Client Profile:  All ages
Anyone who is interested in learning how to play the drums.

Example:  Elodie
Whether you have never picked up a drumstick in your life or you have been playing in a band for years, we can teach you how to play drums and have fun!

One of our clients, Elodie, is a 10-year old girl who had a dream to play the drums.  Growing up, Elodie and her older sister, Sophie, were exposed to many genres of music through their father; he had a musical career in which he lead his band to chart a #2 hit in France. Even though her father has since changed careers, he has always maintained a home studio.  Sophie took up the guitar and even made it into one of Oakland’s premier charter schools – Oakland School of the Arts (OSA).

It wasn’t long before Elodie showed signs of inheriting her father’s genius for music. As Elodie naturally gravitating towards the drums, she expressed her desire to audition and attend OSA. Her grandma wanted to help Elodie reach her goal so she gifted her granddaughter with ongoing drum lessons.

At r2BigMusic, we want to make sure we provide every student with goals and then provide them with the tools to reach those milestones. Elodie was clear that she wanted to audition for OSA. r2BigMusic contacted OSA to learn what the audition requirements were. From those requirements, r2BigMusic created an outline to learn the fundamentals to arm Elodie with the tools necessary to plays the required musical pieces. Her father wanted to take an active role in working with Elodie in between lessons so we created a shared dropbox folder for her father. This folder served as a respository for all of her charts, mp3s, and scheduling spreadsheet that allowed her father to track where we were in Elodie’s journey.

As we follow this schedule, Elodie is gaining not only the skills, but also the confidence she needs to sucessfully audition. We have 4 more months until the audition. Check back after January 28th to see if Elodie made it!

Check out Elodie playing in a band already!