Rockstar Experience

At r2 Big Music, our goal is to give our clients a “rockstar” experience. We want to give everybody the chance to have their “15 minutes of fame.” Whether you come to us with little, or even no musical experience, we can put you on the fast track to help you learn how to play your favorites songs, produce an album featuring you, and perform in a live concert. All you have to do is tell us what your musical aspirations are and we will create personalized milestones to help you realize your goals, and ultimately, your dream. You bring your passion and learn your parts – we’ll do the rest!

One of our clients, Stephen, is a retired executive. Because he was a superstar in the corporate world, much of his time was spent at the office, leaving him little opportunity to pursue his musical aspirations. By interviewing Stephen, we fleshed out what his interests were and then created some milestones. These objectives gave him an outline of what he needed to do while also giving us (r2 Big Music) a sense of how we could help him manage and reach these goals.

Stephen’s first milestone included playing drums and singing three of his favorite songs in a professional studio. To help him complete this deliverable, r2 Big Music provided weekly drum lessons, booked the recording studio, hired world-class musicians, and scheduled lessons with a vocal coach to prepare him vocally. We did it! We finished his 3-song CD, designed the CD cover and CD label artwork, and then distributed his songs on iTunes and Amazon.

Studio Session

Live Concert

The second milestone on Stephen’s list was to perform a 45-minute CD Release Party at Club Fox in Redwood City. R2 Big Music hired and scheduled the musicians, booked the venue, and promoted the concert. Stephen’s family and friends came from all over the country to watch him perform songs from his debut CD. The evening was a complete success!

To see how Stephen’s “rockstar” experience is progressing, you can go to his website at: