“Robin Roth is a top notch musician who is organized, dedicated, and passionate about what she does. She has heart: kind, giving, caring, patient, with great feel, perfect time and huge ears. She is always a joy to play with. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Mike Rinta, Trombonist, Grammy winner

“I’ve known and worked with Robin for years and she not only has great innate musicality and a winning personality, but also has complete control over her drums. She can articulate musical directions in a clear manner and also possesses the virtues of patience and good humor.
She’s great to work with.”
Todd Swenson, Bay Area Musician and Teacher

“Robin really gets it.  She’s a solid player who lays down the groove that the tune needs. She’s great  to work with.   As a singer, I don’t have to worry about her filling in all the space. There’s plenty of room to rock.”
Keta Bill, Vocalist, Arts Educator, BAMMIE nominee

“Robin Roth is the consummate drummer. Her skills at all different styles of music are robust and translate into a professional offering in the studio. Working with Robin is always an amazing experience with her artistic contribution and attention to detail, as well as her relentless pursuit of perfection.”
Woody Simmons, Deep River Records, The Vu Recording

“It is my pleasure to write about drummer Robin Roth. If you have heard her perform, you may already be aware of the fact she is a rock-solid drummer with a great sense of time and dynamics. Robin also has an uncanny ability to add that spark, which can make every song exciting and special. She listens and adapts, adding a rhythmic groove appropriate for the music in the moment. In my band, Robin does exactly what I want a drummer to do – to light a fire under my ass on every song.”
Jinx Jones, Guitar Extraordinaire

“It is a total pleasure working with drummer Robin Roth both in the studio recording and live on stage with my band Kimrea & Dreamdogs.  She is an excellent top notch drummer, a total professional.  Her rhythm and feel are impeccable.  She listens and she plays it right!  Robin is a very bright and positive team player, a wonderful human being and I love the energy she brings. Playing with her is easy and stress free.  Plus she is full of great ideas!”
Kimrea, Singer/Songwriter

“I have performed with a multitude of drummers in my many years as a working bass player, first in Chicago, and now in Oakland, and I have never played with a better drummer than Ms. Robin Roth. Yes, the lady has beautifully honed technique, exquisite dynamics, and a rich and finely delineated sound, but she also brings a sympathetic ear to the bandstand, always paying the closest  attention to all that is being sung and played around her. People, hear me now – this drummer has soul. She respects the drums, the selection at hand, and her fellow musicians. You can hear how relaxed she is as she executes. A couple of times as I have been working with Robin, I have closed my eyes and listened intently to her intuitive drumming, and mused to myself how I wish many of the other drummers I had worked with over time had had the same level of professionalism and sensitivity. You cannot fake what this lady brings to the bandstand or to the studio – Ms. Roth is a pro.”
Willie Riser, Most Famous Unknown Bass Player



“A very skilled, talented and in demand drummer in her own right, Robin brings real world experience to her teaching and producing.
Robin Roth is an eminently qualified teacher and very supportive coach/producer of student recordings. As a fellow musician and teacher,I am always thrilled to be asked to participate in one of Robin’s “student as rockstar” projects.
She very ably and enthusiastically guides her students through the learning of drumming  skills in a variety of styles. Robin then oversees the organizing and production of recordings and gigs built around realizing her students dreams of playing with professional musicians in a live or studio setting. Not only does it sound great, it’s a blast!
Respect, fun and great music are the hallmarks of Robin’s events.”
Paul Olguin, Bass Player (the go-to bass player in town)

“I have known Robin Roth for many years, first as an excellent drummer, then as an instructor and producer. She is extremely skilled as a teacher and coach for people who may not be professional musicians but are looking to have a pro experience. Whether it be in a live performance situation or in the recording studio I know of no one who is better at guiding someone through the process in a supportive and informative way.”
Garth Webber, Guitarist, Recording Engineer, and Producer

“R2BigMusic has been instrumental in making my dream to be a rock and roll musician a reality.  I started taking drum lessons with Robin when I turned 60, and soon found myself in a studio recording a CD of my favorite rock songs and eventually performing in a nightclub with professional musicians.  A dream come true!!”
Stephen Levandowski, Retired Executive





“Playing bass with Robin Roth on drums is pure joy! A tightly grooving drummer with a huge smile on her face, really getting into the groove, that’s what it’s all about. She’s got chops and feel and big ears! Love playing with her! I am also very impressed with Robin as an educator. On several occasions I have seen her interact with students of various ages and backgrounds and the way they are trusting her, relating to her and benefiting from her lessons speak volumes. I was so impressed that I hired her for several of my own educational events and – as expected – the students/participants were raving about her.”
Ariane Cap, Bass player, Composer, Author, and Clinician